Fall Trips You Need to Take in 2020

There are plenty of places throughout each state where the leaves turn beautiful colors during Autumn. Head for higher elevations to take in the crisp air and beautiful scenery.

If you're getting away for the weekend or simply driving down the road look for Apple Farms and do some Apple Picking. This of course will lead you to campfire apple pies and apples dipped in caramel sauce but hey who's counting calories on trips like these! My favorite thing to bring home from one of our apple picking trips is Apple Cider.

Kayaking or canoeing is another way to experience fall colors while enjoying the beautiful cool weather. Not only can you float along at any pace you choose to paddle but you paddle to sounds only made in the wild. Listen for different bird calls and look for other animals in the wild as you coast along.

Wherever you end up looking for fall colors you are sure to find some hiking trails as well. This is probably the best way to commune with the Autumn season. The smells, the views and the ability to pick beautiful, brightly colored leaves and bring them back with you is my Fall favorite.

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